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High-Quality Tree Trimming, Pruning, and Removal Services

At Bluff City Tree & Landscape, we have 45 years of combined experience as arborists. Our team is committed to delivering exceptional services throughout Memphis, TN, and the surrounding area. We serve homeowners, property managers, and commercial business owners with a range of services, including tree trimming, pruning, and removal. And we do it all as licensed and bonded professionals. When we established our company in 2020, we did so with the mission of delivering on our promise of safe, honest, and dependable services – and that’s what we’ve done. We are excited to work with you and make a noticeable difference on your property.

Bundle of branches

What Bluff City Tree & Landscape Has to Offer

No matter what you need from us, you can depend on our team to provide you with what you require. IF you have a dying or diseased tree, then you can count on a free estimate and high-quality removal services. We will carefully cut down the tree and remove the branches and logs from your property. After we do so, we recommend stump grinding or removal, two separate but similar tasks that will make your property more attractive in the aftermath of removing the tree. In addition to removal and stump grinding, we also provide excellent pruning services. Tree trimming is essential to maintaining the health of your tree throughout its lifespan. In addition to these services, you can rely on us for emergency tree services, property management, commercial services, and more.

Contact Bluff City Tree & Landscape Today for More Info

We are passionate about what we do. As native-born Memphis residents, we understand and appreciate the natural beauty of our region. We want to do what we can to preserve and nourish it. That’s why we offer all of our services from the perspective of conserving and protecting the trees we work on. Whether we are pruning or handling emergency branch removal, we – as arborists – do everything we can to nourish the trees we work on. Our goal is to make your property look as good as it possibly can.

Safe. Honest. Dependable.