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We Offer Outstanding Commercial Tree Services

Bluff City Tree & Landscape offers commercial tree services to Memphis, TN, and the surrounding area. Our work with commercial property owners is second-to-none. We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding customer service to our clients, no matter how complicated the job might be. From land and lot clearing to tree removal, you can trust us. Contact us today, and we will arrive on your property ready to make an honest and free estimate of our services.


What We Offer at Bluff City Tree & Landscape

At Bluff City Tree & Landscape, we are excited to work with your company. Our motto, “safe, honest, dependable,” should put your mind at ease. Our financing options make it easier than ever to afford the services you need, and we offer free estimates. Most importantly, our team is licensed, bonded, and insured to perform the work we perform. Our licensed arborists can help with the following on your commercial property:

Tree Removal

There are many reasons to remove a tree, but the most common are disease, decay, and death. When trees face these obstacles, they can become dangerous. Branches can fall, and the tree itself can collapse. This poses a danger to all who visit your property. Don't allow such liability to persist. Instead, hire our team to remove the tree in question.

Tree Trimming and Pruning

Trees in populated areas need a lot of attention to survive. Pruning and tree trimming is one way to ensure the tree reaches maturity as healthy away as possible. Our experienced arborists know which branches to cut and how to enact an action plan to encourage your tree to grow to its potential.

Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump grinding and removal is a necessary step following the removal of a tree. Why? Because a stump presents a potential trip hazard on your property and can cause various ecological issues. Eventually, you will have to address the issue. It is best to do so right away, preventing costly services down the line.

Storm and Wind Damage

It’s no secret that Memphis features regular storms in the spring and summer and occasional ice and snow during the winter. We offer 24/7 emergency services, which is crucial to our ability to keep commercial properties safe. After all, a partially destroyed tree can tip over and cause considerable damage to your property.

Lot and Land Clearing

We perform land and lot clearing for commercial clients, such as development. We do so in a low-impact manner, meaning we avoid soil erosion and damage to natural flora, fauna, and trees. Our lot and land clearing services can help developers prepare for a wide array of projects.

Residential Tree Management Services

In addition to our work with commercial properties, we are well acquainted with the specific needs of residential property owners. We can handle anything tree-related on your property. That includes tree removal or pruning, stump grinding, and yard debris removal. Our team has the experience needed to operate quickly, so we do not disrupt your family for too long.

We Offer Property Management Services

No matter what your company requires, you can place your trust in Bluff City Tree & Landscape to deliver on our promise of safe and dependable service. Our commercial services are perfect for businesses of all sizes. We do our part to ensure you not only have a safe property but a great-looking one as well. We have also experienced property managers, and we use that experience to provide clients with a catered, customizable experience.

Safe. Honest. Dependable.