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Lot and Land Clearing in Memphis, TN

As urban sprawl continues, so does the need for environmentally safe and low-impact lot clearing. Homeowners and builders need their lots free from vegetation, but they also want to ensure it is done correctly. Bluff City Tree & Landscape offers a lot and land clearing to Memphis, TN, and the surrounding area. We can ensure your new development looks great and is free of non-native, destructive species, weeds, and other unsightly growth. Most importantly, we provide this clean look while leaving good organic material in place and reducing erosion risk. Our team has 45 years of experience, meaning you can trust us to get the job done correctly.


The Benefits of Professional Lot and Land Clearing

At Bluff City Tree & Landscape, we have performed a lot and land clearing for numerous clients, both residential and commercial. Our expertise and experience allow us to do our jobs quickly and effectively. The benefits of the lot and land clearing are undeniable and include:

Increase Wildlife and Flora Diversity

Land clearing is perfect for numerous applications. For instance, hunters who want to create a better environment for hunting can use it to do so. It is perfect for anyone who wants to attract a wider range of biodiversity to their property.

It Protects Your Land Against Invasive Clearing

The longer you allow your land or lot to overgrow, the more extensive the process will be when you eventually clear it. For instance, we can use a bush hogger to cut down and clear trees less than two inches in diameter. But larger trees require more systematic approaches. Investing in professional land clearing can reduce the risk of soil erosion and other dangers.

Prevent Wildfires

Clearing out dead and rotted vegetation is a crucial step toward preventing wildfires on your property. While wildfires are not a regular occurrence in Memphis, it still pays to avoid the risk of a fire.

Development Preparation

The most common reason for engaging in the lot and land clearing is to prepare land for development. Whether you are contracted to develop a housing development or new commercial properties, it is essential to clear an overgrown lot before beginning construction.

Why Professional Land Clearing Is Paramount

While it is possible to clear weeds and other vegetation from your property yourself, we do not advise it. It is important to engage in a low-impact clearing to avoid damage to the ecosystem surrounding the lot. That way, you will have a beautiful property surrounded by trees and natural flora. Attempting to clear the lot negates that good work and leads to other problems. If you need your lot cleared for any reason, you can trust Bluff City Tree & Landscape to do exemplary work. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and get started.

Safe. Honest. Dependable.