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What Our Customer’s Say

Great company. Knowledgeable and efficient. Kept me informed throughout the entire process. Answered any question I had. Clean-up was excellent. My property looked great !! 10/10

Susan Pettie Houston, 07/24/2021

Prompt, Courteous & Respectful - showed up on time (often early) and got the work done. Bobby and Steve were great to work with; 10/10 would recommend.

Ryan Carmichael, 07/08/2021

We've just had several tree services over the years and none have been as professional or reasonable as Bluff City Tree Service. They had a cancellation and were able to work us in on the same day. Excellent job well done! And fast. Most highly recommended!

David LaVelle, 05/20/2021

Bluff City Tree Service trimmed 4 large trees in our yard. We are happy with their services and would recommend them to anyone. Very professional and offered competitive rates.

Jon Busse, 06/22/2021

Bluff City Tree Services were affordable and prompt. Their crew cut down two large elm trees along my fence line without damage! The crew was friendly and knowledgeable. I will definitely use them again in the future.

Jon Tupper, 05/22/2021

I inquired on Home Advisor and they called within the hour. Bobby came by to see the job and my trees were removed and stumps removed the same morning. They cleaned everything up and you would never know there were trees there. Highly recommend Bluff City Tree Services!

Jan King, 04/05/2021

I know the owners and they are most professional and customer-focused.

Wally Hall, 05/09/2021

Professional, personable, honest- that's the first three words that come to mind about this company. If you are looking for tree services, Bluff City is the obvious choice. They took down a very large complicated tree as well as limbs from another tree hanging over my house. Best price around too. I highly recommend these guys.

Jeff Brawner, 03/21/2021

I was very pleased with this company! They were extremely professional, reliable, and overall very nice people to work with! I have already recommended them to my family, friends, and neighbors. Well done, Bluff City Tree Service! We will definitely be using you guys again.

Amanda Kunkle, 01/25/2021

Called Bluff City last night and they were able to come out this morning to check out my tree situation. The crew was able to come out the same day and remove a very large tree from my front yard and trim one back in my backyard. The price was fair (even gave a first responder discount), and the guys seemed very knowledgeable about trees to help pick the right process to protect my roof and fence from future potential damage. Would highly recommend this company.

Philip Bernard, 05/17/2021

These guys are very pro and quick turn around. Highly recommended!

Chris Johnson, 01/25/2021

I have seen lots of their work and they just recently came over and pruned all of our crêpe myrtles! The most impressive part was that they took a lot of time talking to me to make sure it was done just as I wanted! Very impressive!

Caroline Sachenbacher Kunkle, 01/25/2021

When you need a job was done that has to do with trees, this is the company to call! They want to get it done right, efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively. You guys rock! Thank you, Steve, Zach, and Bobby!

Tom Moots, 06/30/2021

Safe. Honest. Dependable.