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We Are Here When Disaster Strikes

Trees are built to withstand the rigors of the weather – but they are not invulnerable. They can be maimed, destroyed, and knocked down. When that happens, property owners want to know that there is a company that can respond quickly to the situation. At Bluff City Tree & Landscape, we have years of experience in storm and wind damage. Our Memphis, TN residential and commercial customers know they can trust us to resolve the situation quickly and efficiently. Our team understands the gravity of the situation and deploys its expertise to rectify the situation. We can remove debris, salvage the tree, or provide removal and stump grinding services.

fallen tree after high winds/storm

Our Team Possesses the Experience and Equipment Needed

We spring into action when storms strike. You can trust the professionals at Bluff City Tree & Landscape for 24/7 tree emergencies. Whether your tree has been knocked down or partially destroyed, we can provide an assessment that makes sense – complete with a thorough investigation and a recommendation for your next steps. We have the cranes, grapple trucks, bucket trucks, stump grinders, and chippers on hand needed to take care of the situation.

Other Forms of Tree Damage

Not all tree emergencies occur after a storm. In some cases, we respond to emergencies that have nothing to do with a tornado or severe thunderstorm. For instance, abnormal learning is an emergency that must be taken care of immediately. A good rule of thumb is any tree with a 15 percent or more lean from vertical should have the attention of an arborist. Decaying roots are another problem that requires emergency attention. The roots are the structural support of your tree, so it is essential to maintain them. In some cases, fungus – such as mushrooms – growing at the base of a tree indicates a potential problem. We can handle this particular emergency. Lastly, keep an eye out for dead branches and call us if you notice any.

You Can Trust Us for Emergency Tree Removal

We are here for you, no matter the extent of the damage to your tree. If we do have to perform emergency tree removal, you can trust us because we have removed countless trees in the past. As experienced arborists, we know how to tell when removal is required and how to do so without damaging or impacting your property. Our 45 years of experience and the expertise that comes with it are our greatest assets, and we are thrilled to help you through this trying time. If you have a tree emergency, then get in touch with us today. We can help.

Safe. Honest. Dependable.