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Bluff City Tree & Landscape Provides Outstanding Tree Removal

At Bluff City Tree & Landscape, we pride ourselves on our commitment to outstanding customer service and thorough tree removal. Throughout Memphis and the surrounding area, customers trust us with their properties. We are a team comprised of three Memphis natives with over 45 years of combined experience, and our experience has taught us how to provide tree removal services at competitive prices. If you have a dead or dying tree, then the time has come to remove it. We’ll remove it safely.

Huge tall trees

Tree Removal for Residential and Commercial Properties

Unfortunately, removing trees is an inevitable reality for homeowners who have dead and dying trees. As they age, trees can succumb to a wide range of diseases and stressors. When that happens, they can lose their structural integrity and become a danger to your property and those on it. In that case, it is essential to remove the tree safely. We have years of experience performing this service, and our team can do so without damaging your property. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, we are skilled at removing trees capably and safely.

How We Remove Trees on Various Properties

We use several methods to remove trees. Which technique we utilize will depend on several factors, including the size of the tree. No matter what, you can trust our arborists to cut down the tree, even if it stands in the way of new power lines, housing, offices, or other sensitive areas. We can use one of two methods to get rid of the dying tree:

Manual Removal

If we opt for manual removal, our team will climb into the tree. They are not limited in their access, so the system is more efficient than using a crane or bucket. If the tree is in a confined location, they will remove pieces and lower them to the ground until it is safe to fell the tree.

Crane Removal

When a tree is too large for manual removal, we use cranes instead. They provide a removal method that is safe and efficient for trees of considerable size. During crane removal, we attach pieces of the tree to the boom and then lower them to the ground, where they are fed to a chipper.

We Remove Trees in a Low-Impact Manner

We are proud of our ability to remove trees in a low-impact manner. This means we will not harm your landscaping, driveway, or planted or native flora or fauna. We don’t want to negatively impact your turf, so we are careful. Once we have removed your tree, we can offer stump grinding – if you want – which will get rid of the stump left over from the removal process. And, as part of our services, we also provide yard debris removal. This service is invaluable because it saves our clients’ time.

Safe. Honest. Dependable.